A New Breed of Dog Service has Arrived…

So you got a Dog…

You had dreams of enjoying beautiful long walks together. Walks where he ran happily off lead. He was friendly, outgoing, confident and relaxed.

You imagined him joining you in the Pub, in Cafes and at Family gatherings. You planned to get together with other ‘Doggy’ friends for socials and play dates

Everybody would love him – he was an absolute joy to be with!

But… the reality is very, very different…

You can’t let him off lead, as he won’t come back. He drags you down the road when you go out for walks.

He hates other Dogs and turns into some kind of wild, possessed beast when he sees one

He just won’t listen and throws himself all over your guests

You’re embarrassed by his behaviour and you actually don’t enjoy taking him out – anywhere!

You’ve even stopped asking people over to your home, as, well… it’s just easier not to…

We know. We’ve been there. We totally get it. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let us show you how to get your relationship back on track.

How to build focus, calmness and confidence in your Dog

Discover stress free walks…

Are you ready?

Then come on in…

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