Dog Social Sessions & Puppy Parties

Dog Social Sessions & Puppy Parties are being trialed by us, starting on Sunday 7th April 2019.

Currently, we will run a different Social Session each Sunday while we gauge current interest and potentially change things going forward.

In their infant stage, Social Sessions will be limited to a Maximum of 8 Dogs per session

Please be aware, that any participation in these sessions is entirely at your own risk. Although a team member will be on site, they will not be in the field with you. Your Dog is completely your own responsibility.

These sessions will absolutely NOT suit every Dog and are only available to those Dogs who are well socialised and happy to be in the company of a group of Dogs. They are absolutely not suitable for Dogs who are fearful of other Dogs, regardless of how that fear manifests.

Please be sensible when booking on a session of mixed sizes – we are highly likely to attract some big and boisterous Dogs! Princess miniature Poodle probably wouldn’t thank you for booking her on such a session…

Before booking, we recommend that you learn about Dog body language and believe that you will gain a great deal of benefit from purchasing and downloading the Dog Decoder App, which can be found here:


Recommended Session Sizes:

Puppies: Small & Medium breeds aged up to 6 month old & Large breeds up to 5 month old

Small Dogs: Up to 12 inch (approx 30cm/1 foot) in height and/or weighing approx 10kg and under

Medium Dogs: Up to 20 inch (approx 50cm) in height and/or weighing approx 10kg – 20kg

Large Dogs: Up to 30 inch (approx 76cm) in height and/or weighing approx 20kg – 30kg

Giant Dogs: From 30 inch and over in height and/or weighing 30kg or more

Mixed Dogs: Any size and/or weight – please be sensible with your smaller Dogs and Puppies!


Obviously, you know your Dogs personality better than anyone, so if your Dog is a calm and tranquil 30kg+ type, who would be better suited to a smaller Dog session, that’s fine. If in doubt, please feel free to contact us to discuss.