We can supply a large range of Dog Food, Treats, Toys, Coats, Collars, Leads, Harnesses, Beds, Crates, Training aids, Accessories and much, much more at MASSIVELY cheaper prices than on the high street!

Initially, the goods we sell will be available to pick up either by appointment only, during a booked Training session or during weekend booked field use – although we will expand to local delivery also very soon (only within a 3 mile radius of our venue – sorry!)

Please place an order with us and we will advise you once your order arrives!

As this is a new venture for us, please bear with us as we update this page!

If you don’t see what your looking for- please, just ask! There is every chance that we can get whatever you need at a much cheaper price than you will find on the high street!


Arden Grange Dog Food;

Sensitive Ocean White Fish & Potato Dry:

2kg: £10.00

6kg: £25.00

12kg: £42.00

Wet x 6 Cans – £6.90

Sensitive Light/Senior Ocean White Fish & Potato Dry:

2kg: £12.00

12kg: £45.00

Arden Grange Dry Food:

Pork & Rice: 2kg: £8.00 12kg: £32.00

Salmon & Rice: 2kg: £8.00 6kg: £21.00 12kg: £35.00

Chicken & Rice: 2kg: £8.00 6kg: £17.00 12kg: £29.00

Lamb & Rice: 2kg: £8.00 6kg: £19.50 12kg: £33.00

Lamb & Rice Mini Adult: 2kg: £8.00 6kg: £21.00

Large Breed: Chicken:

Puppy/Junior 2kg: £9.00 : 6kg: £19.00 12kg: £32.00

Adult: 2kg: £9.00 12kg: £32.00

Adult Light: 2kg: £8.00 6kg: £17.50 12kg: £30.00

Senior Light: Chicken: 2kg: £8.00 6kg: £17.50 12kg: £30.00

Performance: 2kg: £9.00 12kg: £32.00

Premium: 2kg: £9.00 12kg: £32.00

Prestige: 2kg: £11.00 12kg: £36.00

Wet Food 395g x 6 Cans:

Chicken, Rice & Veg or Lamb, Rice & Veg: £6.50

Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g:

Sensitive: £3.00

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Roll:

Available in either Lavender or Unscented (please state!)

1 Roll x 15 Bags: 50p

8 Rolls x 15 Bags: £3.60

21 Rolls x 15 Bags: £8.40

Brands to be updated soon:

AATU, Applaws, Autarky, Barking Heads, Billy & Margot, Burgess, Burns, Eukanuba, Fortglade, Harringtons, Hills (sorry – no prescription diets!) IAMS, James Wellbeloved, Laughing Dog, Lilys Kitchen, Pooch & Mutt, Skinners, Simpsons, Taste of the Wild, Tribal, Vitalin, Wafcol & many more!

Please ask us for a price!