One-to-One Private Training Session

Do you have a specific training need that may or may not be covered in a Group training environment?

Would your Dog would be far too distracted while trying to learn in the company of other Dogs? 

Maybe you would quite simply prefer some individual attention for you and your Pup…

An individual Training session can cover any topic that you feel that you need help with and can include such things as:


Loose Lead Walking

Focus on Handler

Greeting etiquette (Dogs and/or people)

Door manners

Boundary training

Fence Fighting/Boundary Barking

Toilet Training

General Puppy problems (nipping, chewing etc…)

Clicker Training

Basic Cues (Sit, down, stand, stay etc…)

Trick training (Spin, Bow etc…)

Training session will cover a whole host of basic problems and training needs and are completely individual to you!

You tell us what you need and we’ll help you to put the wheels in motion to change it!


A 60 minute private training session for you and one Dog: £60

4 week package: 1 x 60 minute training session per week: £220

6 week package: 1 x 60 minute training session per week: £300