Doggy Day Training School

Opening 2018 & Now Taking Bookings for:

Our Day Care With A Difference…

Features At A Glance:

  • Dogs are grouped into Houses to ensure that our unique Day Care formula allows us to lead the way in behaviour and welfare focused care.
  • Training and behavioural modification is included in your Day Care package.
  • A walk for every Dog, every day! This may be a 1-2 hour hike for the fit, healthy adults, a training walk for those who need a little help, a saunter & a sniff for the slower paced Pups or a full on blow out in our fenced Secure field.
  • Individual ‘Chill out’ Pods, monitored permanently for those needing a rest, to enjoy their snack, to have a snooze, play a game or simply to await their turn at training.
  • Internal space with sofas, comfy beds, toys, music, and a 3mm rubber floor to allow for joint and muscle protection.
  • External space of approximately 4 acres, over 3 separate fields/meadows and a yard area accessed directly from our internal building.
  • Paddling pools, a swimming pool, sand pits and even a trampoline for your Dogs pleasure!
  • Custom made building which stays cool in Summer and retains heat in Winter.
  • Heat Lamps within individual ‘Chill out’ Pods for those Pups who need a little extra warmth.
  • Colour coded Collar system, to ensure that we know which Dogs have allergies to certain proteins.
  • A simple online booking system, allowing you to book, pay for, amend or cancel your Day Care needs at the click of a button.
  • A separate ‘Members’ area of our website, which allows you to view our CCTV in real time. See exactly what your Dog is doing while he is with us!
  • The convenience of a cooperative of businesses bring you a Shop, Groomer, Training classes, One-to-one training, Behavioural modification, Events, Seminars, Nutrition advice, Bite safety awareness and Canine body language demonstrations, along with a variety of Dog walking options and of course, our secure field hire! We truly are a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your Dog needs!
  • On going Staff education, to ensure that we are at the absolute forefront of new developments within training, behavioural modification, Dog health and well being.


Developed for Guardians who have their Dogs health, education and well being at the forefront of their minds, our Day Care is a little different to the normal, ‘run of the mill’ Day Cares.

We aim to not only care for and entertain your Furry Friend whilst you’re otherwise engaged, we will train him, socialise and habituate him and provide him with a full spectrum of skills to go home with.

As Dog training and behaviour practitioners, we realised that within a conventional Day Care setting, most of the Dogs were missing out on reaching their potential. Even when divided by size, age, and play style, that still leaves gaps in fulfillment.

So very many Dogs were being left to their own devices, practising ‘bad’ behaviours and gaining all of their ‘fun’ at the expense of other Dogs. These same Dogs would go home and expect to meet and jump on every other Dog in their sight – becoming highly frustrated when they were not allowed to do so. Other Dogs, the smaller and less boisterous, can become nervous of other Dogs due to their experiences.

It very soon became clear that Day Care – and any other group of Dogs who were left to and encouraged to play together – was of no benefit to either Dog or Dog Guardian.

Our new House system – specialist zones that we have created – make sure that It’s All About The Dog is at the absolute forefront of Behaviour and Welfare Focused Day Care.

Along with the individual House training and activities, all Dogs get playtime, tasty snack time, training time and rest/sleep time. The Houses themselves have extra activities and specialist training going on for each group as listed below. This ensures that our Day Care is a stimulating, enriching environment which helps to shape excellent behaviours and, most importantly, works for the individual needs of every Dog in our care.

Our House System:

Blue House:

Blue House is for the ‘Happy go lucky’ Guys of the Dog world. These Guys have a happy, positive response to new people and to other Dogs. They are emotionally stable and have no fears or anxieties. In addition to the normal daily routine, these Dogs will spend their day learning cool new tricks and enjoying group training activities.

Within a conventional Day Care setting, these Guys often miss out because they are easy going and simply don’t grab the attention of the Staff, who tend to be busy dealing with the more tricky Dogs

Blue House Juniors:

Blue House Juniors is a sub category of Blue House. These Guys are Puppies and Adolescents of medium to low energy, who have good social manners. As well as the normal daily routine, the Dogs in this House are given a separate playing space in the morning with other Dogs of a similar development stage, size, age and play style. They will only have short, age appropriate walks, which is based on training handler focus and beautiful loose lead walking.

Blue Juniors will spend time mixing with the Blue House Dogs and will eventually progress into Blue House themselves.

Yellow House:

Our Yellow House Dogs are the Guys who benefit from one-to-one training. They may need to develop social manners or handler focus, they may be a little bit ‘shouty’ at other Dogs while on lead or resource guard precious items. They may even simply be an energetic adolescent who hasn’t developed manners yet, or a Puppy who needs their experiences to be carefully choreographed to ensure that they sail easily through all their important development stages.

Yellow House Dogs have a ‘Chill out’ space where they are able to rest, enjoy arousal reducing activities and are given structured one-to-one training time. They will have tailored play time with handpicked playmates which will fully support their own personal training programme.

In a conventional Day Care setting, these Pups can have a bad experience as other Dogs tend to get cross with them. They also get a platform to practise unwanted behaviour, such as rough play or pushiness. If they are not managed well and trained to have better skills, they can develop social problems. The Pups in this house will follow personalised training and behavioral modification plans, which will be aimed at helping them to deal with and reduce their arousal and frustration levels.

Places for Yellow House will be extremely limited in order to guarantee that they received the very best, personal attention.

Red House:

Our Red House Dogs are those who struggle with separation distress, anxieties and phobias. These Dogs are not in a great learning zone as they are too distracted by feeling unsafe or distressed. These Dogs need to learn that they are completely safe with us, gain confidence and, when ready, can begin working through a behavioural modification plan, completely personal to them.

In a conventional Day Care setting, these Dogs often have their worst fears confirmed – that the world is indeed a scary place. With no attachment figure – or at least one who can give them adequate attention to make them feel safe, they are surrounded by noise, hustle, bustle and scary things. They tend to spend most of their day asking Staff for attention, hiding and waiting it out, or pacing and crying until it’s time to go home.

Again, places for Red House will be extremely limited in order to guarantee that they receive the very best, personal attention.

Our Enrollment Procedure:

Enrollment is by application. In line with our House groups, we are only able to admit a limited number of Dogs with special requirements. This limit is in place to ensure the absolute best care and attention for each Dog who stays with us.

Our Assessment Procedure:

Our assessment procedure for Day Care continues to be very strict. You can see a copy of the BARC assessment on our wall in reception, so you know how new Dogs are tested before they are allowed to interact with your Dog. Priority will always be given to those looking for a regular weekly slot so that firm friendships can be made between the Pups. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate Dogs as a ‘one off’, nor will we admit Puppies under the age of 6 month old.

Our Opening Times:

Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm

Our Drop off/pick up times:

Morning Drop off: 7am – 8am

Lunch time Drop/Collect: 12 – 1pm

End of Day pick up: 5 -6pm

Price: (Per Dog)

60 Minute Assessment: £10

Full Day: £30

Half Day: £20