Dog Walks

One-to-One Dog Training & Rehabilitation Walks


1. General Training Walks

Does your Dog pull on lead, no matter what training you’ve done and no matter what walking equipment you have used? Do you feel that your arm is being pulled out of the socket? Has your Dog actually pulled you over in their excitement to get to where ever they’re going? Has all the enjoyment of ‘a stroll with the Dog’ gone?

Our Training walks are the answer for you!

This service is a one-to-one, full 60 minute training session for your Dog – without the Village Hall! Real life training on real life walks, in the areas you walk yourself. No one wants a Dog who walks perfectly to heel in the training hall, then pulls you all over the place when you’re in the park!

If you need a Dog Walker AND your Dog needs training, this service is the one for you!

These walks can include:

  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Recall
  • Reinforcement of calm behaviours
  • Impulse Contol
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Socialisation skills & appropriate greetings

Only ONE Dog will be walked during Training Walks. If you have a multi-Dog household with training issues, I would be happy to split the walk in to two separate sessions with no additional fee

The Price of this service is £20


2. Rehabilitation Walks

This service is primarily for Dogs who are nervous or environmentally reactive while out on walks, or Dogs who need specific training or behaviour therapy.

The Dogs who would benefit from this type of walk are those who may need strict management and control (to prevent them from going over threshold) and who are fearful of other Dogs or Humans or have a known bite history.

Only One Dog will be walked at any one time.

*Due to the sensitive nature of these Dogs, shorter walks are recommended and therefore, walks will last no more than 45 minutes.

The price of this service is £25