Dog Walks

Secure Field Walks

Is your Dog Reactive around other Dogs?
Does your Dog not go off lead, as you fear they won’t come back?
Does your Dog need a walk during the day while you’re at work, or otherwise engaged?
Are you struggling to find someone who can accommodate your Dog due to their issues?

Well, we may well just have the answer for you…
Introducing our new Dog Walking service! A service especially designed for those Dogs with different needs in mind!

These walks are for your Dog(s) only. Your Pups will not travel with, or exercise with any other Dogs outside of your immediate Family. They will only be exercised on our secure field, so rest assured that no other Dog can spoil their fun!
We will collect your Pup, give him a full 60 minute run around our secure field, clean him up if needed and deliver him back home, nicely shattered, content and stress free!

This service is available at very limited times, Monday to Friday only.

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate Dogs who live within a 5 mile radius of our venue

The price of this service is £25 (£7.50 per additional Dog from the same household) and is available on a first come, first served basis.

Training Walks

Does your Dog pull on lead, no matter what training you’ve done and no matter what walking equipment you have used? Do you feel that your arm is being pulled out of the socket? Has your Dog actually pulled you over in their excitement to get to where ever they’re going? Has all the enjoyment of ‘a stroll with the Dog’ gone?

Our Training walks are the answer for you!

This service is a one-to-one, full 60 minute training session for your Dog – without the Village Hall! Real life training on real life walks, in the areas you walk yourself. No one wants a Dog who walks perfectly to heel in the training hall, then pulls you all over the place when you’re in the park!

If you need a Dog Walker AND your Dog needs training, this service is the one for you!

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate Dogs who live within a 3 mile radius.

Only ONE Dog will be walked during Training Walks

The Price of this service is £30


Adventure Dog Walks

Our Adventure Dog Walks aren’t your ordinary, run of the mill Dog Walks. There are enough Dog Walkers out there, offering the same old, same old 30 minute or 60 minute walks – usually with a large gang of out of control Dogs – and not really enjoying what they do!

Our Adventure Walks are a little different!

For a start, we go on Adventures!

We may go to the Beach, we may go up to the Lake District, we may go rambling across the Moors…

You certainly won’t find us in the local park, causing havoc, that’s for sure.

Our walks are designed to provide the most fun, entertainment and stimulation that any Dog will ever need.

All walks are structured. We play with, train and entertain your Dog so while he is exercised with other Dogs, he doesn’t play directly with them. This has huge benefits for you the owner as you know your Dog will be well socialised, but won’t feel the need to run off and play with every other Dog he sees when you take him to the park. Allowing your Dog to play like this will likely make him ‘Dog obsessed’. He will be likely to pull on the lead, run away from you in the park and generally be a nightmare for you to walk.

Sadly we are unable to take aggressive Dogs on our Adventures Walks but we can refer you to one of our training package which will help you manage your Dog much more easily.

Not all Dogs are suitable for our Adventures but if your Dog is lucky enough to join us, then you can rest assured he will be having the time of his Doggy life!

Walks last for a minimum of 3 hours (actually being walked – not transported!) but your Dog is likely to be out with us for 4-5 hours plus.

We have very limited availability for our walks and priority will be given to regular bookings

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate Dogs who live within a 5 mile radius of our venue

Adventure Walks are charged at £40 per Dog and are available on select weekends