Dog Walking

Group Play Dates, One-to-One Walks, Dog Training Walks & Dog Rehabilitation Walks

We’re VERY excited to now offer Dog Walks on our Secure Field!
Especially created for those Puppers who never get to run off lead!

Rest assured, all of our team are highly trained in Doggy body language and have completed a course on managing groups of off lead Dogs.
They also have full DBS checks (formally CRB) carry full insurance and are skillfully trained in Canine first Aid.

As a team of Walkers, we are able to ensure that your Pup is catered for even if his usual Walker is ill, on Holiday or is otherwise indisposed!

    And – most importantly, even though we feel that this should go without saying – WE DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN ON WALKS WITH YOUR DOGS! When we walk your Dogs, they have our absolute full attention!

We wouldn’t want just anyone walking our own Dogs and we know that you wouldn’t either!

All Dogs will be picked up from and dropped back off at your home in our discrete, unbranded/non-sign written vehicles. We do not advertise the fact that we are transporting your Dogs!

And just to make life really simple for you, you’ll be able to book, cancel and alter any of your bookings yourself, on our dedicated online booking system!


We have 4 different options lined up for your Dogs walking pleasure, as listed below

Areas covered initially will be: (Unless otherwise stated)
Keighley, Riddlesden, Thwaites Brow, Crossflatts, Sandbeds, Bingley, East & West Morton, Utley, Harden, Wilsden, Cullingworth, Hainworth, Cross Roads, Haworth, Oakworth, Laycock and Braithwaite


Ready To Book, Or Simply Require More Information?



1. Group Daily Doggy Play Dates (Field Trips)

*Does your Dog need a walk during the day? 
*Does your Dog never get to run off lead?
*Is he friendly enough to share a walk with a small group of Doggy friends?

Our Group walks are absolutely perfect for those Pups who don’t have the best recall and who normally need to stay on lead.

These walks will take place on our Secure Field – so every Dog can safely run free for a full 60 minutes!

For complete health and safety, Dogs will be split into 3 groups, based on height and/or weight – ensuring that the little Guys of the Dog world will never be free running with the big Guys! Mini Polly Poodle will never have to worry about Larry Labrador bundling in to her!

Groups will never contain more than 4 Dogs at any one time

Walks will be scheduled to take place Monday to Friday between the hours of 10.30am – 2.30pm in order to cover that highly desirable lunch time period!

The price of this service is:

£12 per Dog (£8 per extra Dog from the same household) for 60 minutes



2. One-to-One Or Own Family Dog Walks

Would your Dog prefer a more personal service and enjoy a Human all to himself?

Does he not normally enjoy the freedom of running off lead due to him being a little anti-social?

Maybe you’ve got a young Lady who is currently in season and requires exercise away from those Male Canine admirers…

One-to-One Walks are held on our Secure Field in order to ensure a full 30 or 60 minutes of stress free sniffs and leg stretches

The price of this service is:

£16.00 for the 1st Dog (£9.00 per extra Dog from the same household) for 60 minutes

£10.00 for the 1st Dog (£6.00 per extra Dog from the same household) for 30 minutes


3. General Training Walks

Does your Dog pull on lead, no matter what training you’ve done and no matter what walking equipment you have used? Do you feel that your arm is being pulled out of the socket? Has your Dog actually pulled you over in their excitement to get to where ever they’re going? Has all the enjoyment of ‘a stroll with the Dog’ gone?

Our Training walks are the answer for you!

This service is a one-to-one, full 60 minute training session for your Dog – without the Village Hall! Real life training on real life walks, in the areas you walk yourself. No one wants a Dog who walks perfectly to heel in the training hall, then pulls you all over the place when you’re in the park!

If you need a Dog Walker AND your Dog needs training, this service is the one for you!

These walks can include:

  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Recall
  • Reinforcement of calm behaviours
  • Impulse Control
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Socialisation skills & appropriate greetings

Only ONE Dog will be walked during Training Walks. If you have a multi-Dog household with training issues, we would be happy to split the walk in to two separate sessions with no additional fee

This service is only offered in postcode areas BD22 & BD21

The price of this service is £20 per Dog


4. Rehabilitation Walks

This service is primarily for Dogs who are nervous or environmentally reactive while out on walks, or Dogs who need very specific training or behaviour therapy.

The Dogs who would benefit from this type of walk are those who may need strict management and control (to prevent them from going over threshold) and who are fearful of other Dogs or Humans or have a known bite history.

Only One Dog will be walked at any one time.

*All Dogs will need to under go a assessment with us before being admitted to these walks, and therefore, you are required to book a Behavioural consultation with us before we can accept and confirm bookings.

*Due to the sensitive nature of these Dogs, shorter walks are recommended and with that in mind, walks will last no more than 45 minutes.

This service is only offered in postcode areas BD22 & BD21

The price of this service is £25 per Dog