Behavioural Consult

Does your Dog bark or lunge at other Dogs, People, Traffic or anything else that moves?

Maybe you have a Resource Guarding problem going on?

Or an unhappy Pup who suffers from Separation Anxiety?

We offer an initial, detailed and personal behavioural consult, which is likely to take 2-3 hours to complete, followed up with a personal report/training plan and life time back up via email and/or telephone.

This service is for the Guys who have specific emotional problems and who need a very carefully managed plan to change their emotional responses.

Depending on the nature of your Dogs individual problem, consults can take place at either our venue or in your own home. For advise on where best to stage our initial consult and further training, please contact us!

Price: Initial consult at our venue; £100

Price: Initial consult in your own home; £150

Price: For further training at our venue: £50 per 60 minutes or £30 per 30 minutes

Price: For further training in your own home: £75 per 60 minutes or £50 per 30 minutes