Qualifications & CPD

Of course we’re Dog lovers! Absolutely we’ve grown up with Dogs!

Surely, that goes without saying…

But seriously, that doesn’t make us qualified to care for or Train your Pooch, does it?

I mean, we’ve had teeth since being Babies, but that doesn’t make us Dentists… Or Hairdressers, just because we have & love our hair…

We take our responsibilities a little bit more seriously than that! 

We’ve invested a large amount of time, money and effort to be able to offer the services that we offer. We feel that we owe that, not just to you, but to the Dogs that you entrust into our care…

Professional Membership, Accreditation & Certification:

  • Doggone Safe
  • Pet Professional Guild (PPG)
  • Pet Professional Network (PPN)
  • UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter
  • Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
  • Certified Pro Dog Trainer (Absolute Dogs)
  • International Companion Animal Network (ICAN)
  • Dog Training College Approved Dog Trainer (DTC)

Completed Training:

  • Level 3 Principles Of Dog Training & Behaviour (Open College Network – OCN)
  • Level 2 Canine First Aid (DogSafe UK)
  • Official ‘Be A Tree’ Presenter and ‘Dog Bite Safety Educator for Doggone Safe
  • Canine Body Language Instructor Course (Dog Training College)
  • 30 Days of Canine Science (The School of Canine Science)
  • Working With Noise Sensitivity & Phobias (IMDT)
  • Impulse Control (IMDT)
  • Become The Centre Of Your Dogs World Using Canine Interactive Play (Craig Ogilvie)
  • Living With High Drive Dogs In Domestic Situations (Karmal Fernandez)
  • Instructional Use Of The CARE Protocol (Jennifer Titus)
  • Canine Aggression & Rehab (IMDT)
  • Perfect Puppy Foundations (IMDT)
  • The Dogs BBF Award (The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour  – ISCP)
  • ‘Be a Tree’ Programme (PPG)
  • Speak Dog Certification Programme (Doggone Safe)
  • 4 Day Practical Instructor Training Course (IMDT)
  • 2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer Course (IMDT)
  • 2 Day Membership Assessment (IMDT)
  • Daily Enrichment & Stimulation For Your Dog (Maxwell Muir)
  • Dorwest Basic Product Knowledge (Dorwest)
  • Treatment & Prevention Of Dog Aggression: Fighting & Biting (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
  • SIRIUS Dog Training Academy (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
  • Crucial Concepts In Dog Behaviour & Training (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
  • Growl Class – A Workshop For Reactive Dogs (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
  • Are You Really Ready To Work With Aggression Cases? (Pamela Dennison)
  • Reactive Dogs – The Science & Art Of Set Ups & The Use Of Decoy Dogs To Achieve Success (Yvette Van Veen)
  • How To Effectively Manage Groups Of Dogs In An Off Leash Environment (Kathy Sdao)
  • How To Teach A Rock Solid Stay (Mariah Hinds)
  • The Relevance Of Breed In Behavioural Consultation (Janis Bradley)
  • Canine Body Language & Facial Expression (Sarah Whitehead)
  • 3 Myths Of Dog-Dog Communication (Sarah Whitehead)
  • Signals Of Pre-emptive Aggression (Sarah Whitehead)
  • TTouch Workshop (Janet Finlay)
  • Scent Work: Scent 1 (Talking Dogs)
  • TTouch Solutions For Your Pets Shy, Fearful or Anxious Behaviours (Kathy Cascade)
  • Introduction To Homeopathy For Dogs (Natural Health Courses)
  • The Formula To Focus (Meagan Karnes)
  • Clicker Training For Small Pets (Emily Cassell)
  • How To Get Your Reactive Dog To Focus On You Instead (Tenille Williams)
  • Wicked Walks (Absolute Dogs)
  • Resource Guarding (Lisa Mullinax)
  • Cure & Prevent Dog Illnesses (Sharon Bolt)
  • Building Resilience In Dogs (Dr. Patricia McConnell)
  • Preparing Puppies For The Real World (Sarah Whitehead)
  • How To Train For Treiball (Dianna Stearns)
  • How To Teach Kids To Be Safe Around Dogs (Joan Orr)
  • Naughty But Nice Puppy Programme (Absolute Dogs)
  • Your Border Collie (EpicDog)
  • Canine Wellness and Balancing Behaviours (Dr. Isla Fishburn)
  • Complete Canine Wellness (Dr. Isla Fishburn)
  • Rethinking Puppy Socialisation (Sarah Whitehead)
  • Leash Off, Game On (Absolute Dogs)
  • Fear & What To Do (The School of Canine Science)
  • What Makes A Dog Choose To Use An Aggression Strategy? (Sarah Whitehead)
  • Scent Communication In Dogs (Sarah Whitehead)
  • Dog Separation Anxiety – Mission Possible! (Malena DeMartini)
  • Therapy Dogs – PTSD (The UK College of Scent Dogs)
  • Breed & Predatory Motor Patterns (IMDT)
  • Dog Trainers Working Safely During Covid-19 (IMDT)
  • Grieving The Loss Of A Pet (IMDT)
  • Nutrition & Behaviour (The School of Canine Science)

On-Going CPD (Continued Professional Development):

  • Nutrition & Health Certificate (Canine Principles)
  • Diploma in Canine Behaviour (ISCP) (ISCP Dip.Canine.Prac)
  • Scent for Six (The School of Canine Science)
  • Canine Reactive Behaviour Certificate (Canine Principles)
  • Search Dog Diploma (Canine Principles)
  • Canine Behaviour Diploma (Level 5) (Canine Principles)
  • Reliability & Games Workshop (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
  • Raw Food Nutrition Specialist (DNM University)
  • Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate (Lisa Powers)
  • Animal Communication Level 3 (Stonebridge Associated Colleges)
  • Energy Healing For Animals Level 3 (Stonebridge Associated Colleges)
  • Trick Training Masterclass (EpicDog)
  • The Herding Game (EpicDog)
  • Canine Anxiety Accredited Certificate (Canine Principles)