Canine Hoopers Training

We’re incredibly excited to bring a brand new Dog sport to the insanely lucky Doggos (and their people!) of Keighley!

Introducing HOOPERS!

What on earth is Hoopers?

Hoopers is an Agility style sport, which is low impact on your Dogs joints, but is massively high on the fun scale! 
Your Dog will navigate a course of obstacles – mainly hoops, but also barrels and tunnels – which will test your teamwork while building on your distance handling skills! (Don’t worry – you will be taught all the necessary skills!)

Because Hoopers courses are flowing, with no sudden stops, sharp turns or jumps, this sport is suitable for the vast majority of Dogs AND you can begin from when your Pupster hits the ripe old age of only 5 months old!

This lovely sport is perfectly inclusive, meaning that not only can those handlers with limited mobility get involved, so can limited mobility Dogs!

Fancy having a go and ready to book?

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