Flyball Training

Flyball –  The Relay race for Dogs!

This is a team game which can be fast and furious, but any breed of Dog –  of any size – can do it.  All they need is to be fit and interested in fetching a tennis ball.  (Or any other Toy – or even just do it for a treat!)

The game consists of four Dogs and their Handlers.  Each Dog in turn goes down a lane of four small hurdles and fetches a tennis ball from the flyball box and brings it back over the hurdles.  The team races against another team in a second lane …. And the fun begins!

No prior experience of Flyball training or equipment is required! Everyone is welcome to come along and give it a try!

Group classes and 1-to-1 sessions are both available!

**Due to high impact nature of this sport, this sport is only open to Dogs over the age of 18 month old**

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