Agility & Flyball Training

We are massively excited to offer these two new Dog Sports…

Flyball –  The Relay race for Dogs!

This is a team game which can be fast and furious, but any breed of Dog –  of any size – can do it.  All they need is to be fit and interested in fetching a tennis ball.  (Or any other Toy – or even just do it for a treat!)

The game consists of four Dogs and their Handlers.  Each Dog in turn goes down a lane of four small hurdles and fetches a tennis ball from the flyball box and brings it back over the hurdles.  The team races against another team in a second lane …. And the fun begins!

No prior experience of Flyball training or equipment is required! Everyone is welcome to come along and give it a try!

Group classes and 1-to-1 sessions are both available!


Agility  – An Obstacle Course For Dogs!

Agility training has a range of benefits for both you and your Dog, including helping you to improve your control of your Dog, mental and physical stimulation for your Dog and strengthen the relationship and team work between you and your Dog.

No prior experience of Agility training or equipment is required! Everyone is welcome to come along and give it a try!

You’ll start out at Beginner Level, progress at your own pace and join our Advanced Classes, where you will train on Kennel Club and UK Agility specification equipment.

These sessions will benefit you whether you want to do Agility for fun or whether you wish to compete in the future.

All Dogs over the age of 6 month old are welcome! (Equipment use will be limited to those under 12 months of age/not yet fully mature)

Come and join us to learn this fantastic, fun sport!

Group classes and 1-to-1 sessions are both available!



Group Class Price: £10 per Dog/Handler

(Buy 3 and get your 4th class free!)

One-to-One Training Price: £30 per Dog/Handler per hour or £15 per half hour


Ready To Book, Or Simply Require More Information?


Telephone: 07983 476150


Your instructor for both Agility and Flyball is Rosemary, an avid competitor in Agility who runs her own Dog at Champion level.

She has experience of tutoring a wide variety of Dogs and can help you to train either for fun or for competition.

Both Sports are great fun and good exercise for your Dog, both mentally and physically.

We are now Grade 5!! I competed at a Kennel Club Show on Saturday and we won the class 😀 This is probably our best competitive run ever and a very tricky course full of traps, having the tunnel entrance next to the dog walk and the weave entry next to the A-Frame. I was fully expecting an Elimination! 😂 I'm so proud of Peter Poon she was amazing from start to finish!! We were the only ones to go clear and the only ones to get around the course within the time allowed, beating 12 dogs so I couldn't be happier. Thanks to my little team Izzy & Adam for the encouragement, support and videos ♥ Photos in comments xxxx

Posted by FAST Keighley Dog Agility & Flyball Training Club. on Monday, 15 January 2018