About Us

Predominately, we’re Dog Trainers!

With a massive interest and good knowledgeable background in behavioural modification to boot.

We are currently guardians of 4 Dogs; Our Terrier Cross Boy, Ralph, who unexpectedly entered our lives in November 2013, our Boxer Babe, Eva, who joined us in April 2014, then aged just 8 weeks and our failed foster, Pearl, a Boxer Cross, who was born on the streets of Spain. Pearl joined us in September 2014, aged approximately 6 months. George, our last failed foster Boxer Boy, joined us in April 2016 and has, at this time, completed our furry family.

My Partner no longer allows me to foster for Boxer Rescue, as I’m not very good at letting the foster Dogs leave – but I hope to be able to help out again as and when I can and foster/rescue again in the future.

You may, however, meet me while I complete Home Checks for various other Rescues in the local vicinity. Rescue still remains a large part of my life.


Dogs have been in our lives since 1981, when our Family Dog, a Golden Labrador Retriever Puppy joined us.  From the time she was able to venture into the big wide world, neighbourhood Dogs joined us for walks and we would often walk 3 or 4 Dogs at a time.

Since 1981, the breeds we have homed, loved, walked, trained and cared for have ranged from tenacious Terriers to extra large Rottweilers. We love all Dogs and enjoy the different quirks and personalities they possess.

We have completed a wide range of training courses, from Canine body language & communication, Canine First Aid (level 2) and Managing groups of Dogs, right through to various Behaviour modification courses. We continue to add to our knowledge by attending various Dog training courses, academies, workshops and seminars on a regular basis.

We use only the most up-to-date, scientifically proven, force free, training and management methods throughout our range of services.

We have used a number of local Dog services ourselves, but could never quite find the level of service that we were looking for. Although there are a wide array of Dog services around us, none seemed to offer our Pups the mental stimulation they needed, or the opportunity to learn any beneficial life skills. Yes, they came home tired at the end of the day, but with no new transferable skills to show for their time away or our money spent…

So…based on our own experiences, we’re looking to change the whole face of Dog Care and Dog Walks, up the standard and offer what is currently missing.

We fully endeavour to offer all those missing links and more, all while ensuring high class care, combined with a Doggy education that will not only benefit and enrich your Pups life, but your lives as Pet Parents too!

Yes, we can have it all, Dog people!

Let us help you to build amazing bonds with your Pups and to enjoy every minute that you spend with them.

We are also very open to any suggestions and welcome any ideas. If we don’t currently offer what you’re looking for, tell us!

We want to help!